Working together globally to help our families thrive.

We do this by:

  • Providing independent global intelligence
  • Offering exclusive access to a trusted international network
  • Helping our families navigate an evolving world

  • In doing so we will become the recognized standard for the world’s best and most trusted family offices.

    Family office excellence, everywhere.

    Founded in 2011, Wigmore is an innovative association of non-competing family offices who are passionate about collaboration and the sharing of ideas and intelligence to benefit their client families. By pooling our unique expertise, clients of a Wigmore member firm benefit from:

    • Industry-leading financial intelligence, including thousands of hours of shared global financial performance analysis across the full range of asset classes and leading fund managers.
    • Access to generations of first-hand experience and latest thinking to address the issues multigenerational families of wealth face.
    • Global reach, typically only available through large financial organizations, yet the boutique family office service of a local firm who will get to know you personally and understand the issues that are most important to you.
    • The knowledge that our members are the truest form of a multi-family office, committed to the highest standards of integrity, independence and service excellence.

    “Wealth is much more than just investments. Our role, as a family office, is to develop an integrated plan for family wealth, and then identify areas requiring specific expertise and attention.”

    Tom McCullough

    Chairman & CEO, Northwood Family Office

    United by what makes us unique

    Pioneers of family office services in our respective countries, that same unique spirit has fueled the formation of the Wigmore Association – the first global collective of family offices ever assembled.

    The recognized standard

    Wigmore members strive to be recognized as the hallmark for service excellence. A trusted brand in an increasingly saturated and confusing marketplace, providing a seal of approval for first-rate family office services.

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    Global intelligence and local expertise

    We live in an evolving world. Where change is happening faster than ever. Bringing new opportunities, but also new challenges. By pooling our local expertise, we have created a global network of combined intelligence that can meet the needs of our increasingly international client base.

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    International network

    Standing side-by-side, we collaborate, network and share resources. A pool of global investment thinking and best practices with one common goal, to help families thrive.

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    Powerful independence

    Being unconditionally impartial, free from conflict and unfettered by in-house products, biases or affiliations, gives us the independence to seek the best solutions for our clients and the brightest minds to manage them. We are not owned by large financial institutions or beholden to anyone other than the families we serve.

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    Our reach is as expansive as the services we offer

    We meet the needs of our clients, as they require trusted services in other countries – providing global opportunity and access – while still maintaining the boutique nature of our individual family offices.

    Member insights

    Thought leadership from across the association.