The pinnacle of family office services

The Wigmore Association was established in 2011 with one question in mind – how can we help families thrive?

Initially, the association consisted of regular meetings with Chief Investment Officers who met together to learn from one another’s approaches, enabling each family office to enrich its respective investment processes and enhance the overall experience and investment results for their clients.

As the collaboration evolved, the pooling of expertise extended beyond asset classes and investment manager selection to include the full range of family office services – from education and philanthropy to co-investing opportunities and consolidated reporting.

With CIOs and CEOs from the association members meeting biannually and collaboratively working together as teams across the globe, Wigmore has grown into a powerful network of family and financial expertise.

Put simply, we are an exclusive, non-competing association of family offices that believe there is always a better way to provide world-leading service to help our clients thrive.

"Bringing exceptional people, technology, and processes together, our integrated planning and implementation have helped families become stronger, grow their investments, and build their legacies."

Andy Busser
President and Chief Executive Officer, Pitcairn

Global intelligence and local expertise

Being impartial, free from conflict and unfettered by in-house products, biases or affiliations, gives us the independence to seek the best solutions for our clients and the brightest minds to manage them. We are not owned by large financial institutions or beholden to anyone other than the families we serve.

International network

Standing side-by-side, we collaborate, network and share resources. A pool of global investment thinking and best practices with one common goal, to help families thrive.

Gain exclusive access to a trusted international network. Through cross-border connections, events, trusted advisers or reports and research. The Wigmore Association is a hub of combined expertise built to enhance the global capabilities of each local family office.

For example, Wigmore members evaluate more than 30 asset classes across the globe. Our combined investment teams actively follow over 1,000 fund managers, and conduct over 1,500 fund manager interviews each year. Collectively, we actively allocate investments to over 300 managers located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and the US.

In addition to the benefits of our financial collaboration, we also meet the needs of our clients as they require trusted services in other countries – providing global opportunity and access – while still maintaining the boutique nature of our individual family offices.

Global intelligence and local expertise

We live in an evolving world. Where change is happening faster than ever. Bringing new opportunities, but also new challenges. By pooling our local expertise, we have created a global network of combined intelligence that can meet the needs of our increasingly international client base.

We are fluent in the local issues our clients face, but cognizant of the changing global requirements of our client families.

When you partner with one of our members, you become part of a family, enjoying a highly personalized, boutique approach that understands your life, business, investments and aspirations intimately. In addition, you become part of a unique global network of financial and family intelligence shared across the Wigmore network.

If your global requirements can be achieved through the Wigmore network, you are assured of the same attentive family office service you enjoy locally, provided by one of our Wigmore members rather than a large financial institution. Our members offer the broadest spectrum of services to assist with whatever your life, family or wealth demands.

Exclusive excellence

Wigmore membership is not open to all family offices. Members of the Wigmore Association are drawn from a select pool of family offices who display a unique approach to the issues surrounding multigenerational wealth – providing powerful, integrated outcomes for their client families.

The Wigmore name has become a byword for world-leading provision and is built on a set of shared values and rigorous performance expectations. Prospective and existing clients alike can place their trust in each member, assured that they will receive the highest level of service.

To meet the multigenerational needs of our clients, we strive to be at the forefront of new thinking around topics such as sustainable and impact investing. Our unique position as the only current collective of family offices is further testament to our ongoing commitment – there is always a better way to provide world-leading service to our clients.