The preeminent US multi-family office.

Pitcairn is a true family office and leader in helping families navigate the challenges and opportunities created by the interplay of family and financial dynamics.

Since our inception, we have partnered with some of the world’s wealthiest families to meet their needs and drive better outcomes – year to year, decade to decade, generation to generation. Today, Pitcairn is recognized as an innovator, guiding families through generational transitions and redefining the industry standard for family offices.

We are located in Philadelphia, with offices in New York and Washington, DC, a presence in Florida, plus a network of resources around the world.

“Bringing exceptional people, technology, and processes together, our integrated planning and implementation have helped families become stronger, grow their investments, and build their legacies.”

Andy Busser
President and Chief Executive Officer, Pitcairn

Our history

Founded in 1923 by the three sons of John Pitcairn Jr., co-founder of Pittsburgh Plate Glass (now PPG Industries), Pitcairn operated as a single family office for over 60 years. In 1987, recognizing the scalability of the resources that were in place, Pitcairn became a multi-family office and formed a private trust company. In 2008, we transformed our investment offering to an industry-leading open architecture platform that aligns our interests with those of our clients and has delivered exceptional results net of fees and taxes. In 2023, Pitcairn celebrated its centennial anniversary. Regarded as a pioneer of the family office industry, Pitcairn continues to redefine the industry standard for family offices.

Our people

The tenure of our staff, the collaborative culture in which we work, and our commitment to delivering an exceptional Pitcairn experience all contribute to why we are consistently recognized as an industry-leading family office. Our ability to attract and retain the best talent from across our industry supports our efforts to continually innovate.

Our services

Through an unwavering focus on integration, innovation, and customization, Pitcairn elevates the family office experience to a true partnership. When combined with Wealth Momentum®, our proprietary experience-based family office model, we enable families and single family offices to achieve a more effective and complete experience by delivering at the intersection of family and wealth – creating better outcomes.

Wealth Momentum ®

A true family office model, our proprietary model harnesses the most powerful drivers of financial and family dynamics, maximizing the impact that sustains and grows wealth for generations to come.


We have spent years honing and refining our investment approach to balance tailored strategies for specific family objectives with guiding principles that inform our overall view of the markets. Our innovative asset allocation strategy and disciplined manager selection process has resulted in a strong track record of performance. Our clients benefit from privileged access to managers and asset classes only an established organization like Pitcairn can provide. Most importantly, we are a 100 percent open architecture firm, not beholden to proprietary investment products.

Trusts & estates
Trusts and estates play varying and complex roles in the management of wealth for multi-generational families. We understand the care and diligence that must go into establishing the trust and communicating its terms to all affected family members. We take a personalized approach to exercising fiduciary discretion by carefully considering the needs of beneficiaries and the intent of grantors. As a trustee, we seek to know the individual beneficiaries and co-trustees, enabling us to be uniquely informed, responsive, and flexible. Pitcairn provides families and single family offices with estate planning advice and a distinctive approach to first-rate fiduciary services tightly integrated with wealth planning.

In managing wealth, it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters. Our entire wealth management approach is grounded in our robust tax optimization strategy that considers the tax impact of your investment decisions as well as standard tax planning and compliance. These combined efforts create an integrated approach to individuals, partnerships, trusts and foundations that maximizes efficiency and return. On the investment side, we utilize tax loss harvesting, wash-sale management, short term gain deferral and other optimization strategies to reduce the portion of your returns lost to taxes. We’re proud of our results – these tools typically enhance client portfolio performance by approximately 1 percent per year.

Effective philanthropy relies on identifying your unique philanthropic vision. We help you achieve your philanthropic goals by establishing an ongoing strategy for your giving. We work to maximize impact through the most effective tools, whether that’s a private foundation, charitable trust, or donor-advised fund. As modern-day philanthropy has evolved, we’ve increased our focus on tailored impact investing strategies to help make your charitable vision come alive. We provide guidance on optimal funding sources, ongoing investment advice, and management consulting for your charitable structure with a keen eye toward tax advisory and compliance services.

Wealth administration
We do not underestimate the importance or complexity of wealth administration. We’ve worked with countless families with complicated investment structures and varied asset classes and understand the stress and challenges that come with simply keeping track of it all. With industry-leading technology and experience, our team uses proven and innovative consolidated reporting solutions to manage complex portfolios and give families just the right level of detail and insights. Our secure online portal gives families the flexibility and customization needed to turn wealth administration into an asset with 24/7 access to an integrated view of performance, holdings, and expenses. The result is a clear, accurate, and timely picture of your family’s total wealth and the peace of mind that comes with superior clarity and control.

Risk Management
For affluent families, the world grows more complex every day. It takes considerable time and resources to stay ahead of emerging risks like cybersecurity attacks and threats to family privacy. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to risk management that blends cutting-edge technologies and protections with tailored advice and insight focused on your most pressing priorities, from insuring people and property to secure record keeping.


Wealth transition
Your family’s success should be measured not in years, but in decades and generations. We prioritize strategies and opportunities that define and protect your legacy. Through in-depth conversations and document review processes, we establish a framework and detailed plan for guiding your family through the successions, transfers, transitions, and developments that will shape the future of your family’s wealth momentum.

Lifelong education
Education is a lifelong pursuit. We seek out learning opportunities that help align families, foster productive conversations, and facilitate deeper understanding. We’ve spent generations growing our expertise and refining our deep library of customizable educational programs. We balance formal and informal learning with one-on-one mentoring on family and financial topics, empowering individuals to be active and knowledgeable within the family structure.

Decision making & governance
It can sometimes be challenging for families to find common ground and consensus. Families are not static – they grow, change, adapt, and evolve. Like any good business, families need structure and systems founded on guiding principles to inform their decisions. We’ve worked with families to develop leadership structures, governance frameworks, decision-making bodies, and independent oversight committees to maximize the productive communication among family members.

Family culture
We don’t just help families grow wealth, we help families grow closer. We understand that sometimes complex and contentious decisions can benefit from a little outside guidance. By creating and facilitating events, conversations, and meetings, we’ve helped countless clients open lines of communication and trust.

Lifestyle management
We work closely with families and individual members to make sure their daily surroundings include the right people, services, and solutions. Our tailored concierge services and lifestyle support guarantee quality of life and peace of mind. We also ensure family members live and enjoy their lives as they age through detailed longevity planning and healthcare support through a broad network of exclusive resources and partnerships.

Values & mission
Without a strong family culture and values, investment strategies and financial considerations are sure to suffer. Every family we serve has its own rich, complex, and unique history. It’s our job to help them articulate, internalize, and share that collective mission. Working with you, we can help transform your beliefs, stories, and traditions into a set of family principles that guide decision making and interactions for generations to come.

Single Family Office

Our services are fully customizable and designed to integrate with the family office structure you currently have in place, offering unprecedented levels of control and privacy for your family.

Advanced technology
Our industry-leading technology and infrastructure leverages our decades of experience delivering single family office services. Technology considerations such as data security, consolidated reporting, and customizing family member access become tools that offer peace of mind rather than expensive burdens that require constant upgrades.

From comprehensive family office services to targeted support in key areas like budgeting, consolidated reporting, or tax planning, our approach can be tailored to your family’s exact needs while offering personalized expertise at the highest levels.

As your family needs evolve, our relationship evolves with you to meet the shifting needs of each family member and helps bring future generations into the fold. Our robust platform offers unmatched scale and value to help families and their family offices navigate wealth transitions.

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