Built on private equity prowess – Mexico’s leading multi-family office.

Promecap (Asesores Patrimoniales) arises from the founding family’s need to professionally handle their legacy through an institutional platform.

Nowadays, we manage our client’s investments with an independent style, creating tailor made proposals for each family’s specific needs, using state of the art technology and providing them access to a range of high-end local and global products.

“We all invest in different ways based on the country in which we’re located, but Wigmore members see the world in similar ways, and that shared investment perspective is invaluable.”

Fernando Chico Pardo
Chairman and CEO, Promecap

Our history

Founded in 1997 as a private equity fund, Promecap specialised in growth equity and special-situations credit. It was subsequently converted into a family office to manage the founding members’ assets, and in 2008, it became a multi-family office. To date, Promecap, directly and through its private equity platform has made over 50 investments for an amount in excess of $3 billion dollars.

Our people

Led by our Chairman and CEO, Fernando Chico Pardo, our experts have a deep knowledge across a diverse range of industries, including, among others, the Financial Sector, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Oil and Gas.

Our team’s expertise, talent and understanding of Wealth Management merge to enhance our clients’ legacy in a lifelong horizon. We are committed to heighten our capabilities and skills to present value-creation solutions.

Our strategy

We strongly believe that understanding the families’ specific needs will allow us to create value over time and help them cope with the transition from one generation to another.

Our focus

We are concentrated in expanding families’ wealth over time, standing by them to help handle the challenges of a changing global context.

Portfolio Architecture

Based on a meticulous analysis and considering each profile’s characteristics, our team builds suitable portfolios to exceed customer expectations within a framework of long-term value creation.

Asset Management

Once the portfolio is customised to the client’s profile, the ideal asset configuration is strategically designed to achieve an efficient and diversified portfolio. This structure is permanently monitored by our team to capitalize market opportunities with tactical trades to generate additional value.

Investment Diversification

Diversification of portfolios’ is used as a risk buffer; our team selects from a wide variety of assets from around the world and assess the correlation between them to keep a healthy risk balance.

Contact Promecap

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