TurimSeptember 12 2021

Turim MFO’s August Economic Report

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Written by Turim MFO

Turim MFO’s monthly Economic Report is now available. Main highlights of the month include:

  • Global Economy : Third global wave but with limited impact on mobility
  • US : Job creation loses force in August as a result of Covid
  • Europe : Elections in Germany may lead to change in the fiscal policy
  • Brazil Economy : Disappointing GDP result in the 2nd quarter
  • Brazil Economy : Inflation: Water crisis continues to raise concern with immediate impact on energy prices
  • Markets : Interest rates: Highly negative real rate continues to be the main support for the markets
  • Markets : Commodities: Sharp fall in metal commodities
  • Markets : Interest rates: Fiscal uncertainties put pressure on long-term interest rates

Want to know more? Access the full content http://wigmoreassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Economic-Report-August-2021-Turim.pdf