Thought PiecesJuly 10 2020

The Wigmore Association: Staying ‘secure’ in an increasingly digital world

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Written by Wigmore Firms

As an association of global family offices, it is our responsibility to protect our client’s sensitive information and data and ensure that their privacy is respected and maintained at the highest level.

However, in March 2020, as we all know, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and this leads the world to have to lean on digitalization in a way that it has not done so before. Lockdown prohibited businesses from having staff in the workplace unless they were unable to work from home, and physically meeting with friends and family became impossible. Daily routines had to be re-thought, parents became teachers overnight, multiple generations were getting the hang of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and many other video conferencing channels and online exhibitions, quizzes and virtual events made a new name for themselves within a myriad of industries, including the world of art and charitable foundations.

With ‘the new normal’ involving such a high level of digitalization, as an association, we try and do our utmost to ensure that our clients are aware of the dangers of sharing information and data online and that we equip them with simple ‘top tips’ on red flags to watch out for so that they avoid being a target of financial scams.

Scams are on a rise and they are often targeted at experienced investors or those over 65 years of age who are expected to have excess money available for investment. Over the next few months, we will run a series of articles on how our families can protect themselves online and hopefully familiarise readers to help them eliminate these risks.

As the first in a series of articles, we focus on Cyber Security.