Press ReleaseOctober 22 2021

Press Release: Proudly Celebrating Ten Years as an Innovative Association

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Written by The Wigmore Association

Working together globally to help our families thrive.

The Wigmore Association proudly celebrates ten years as an innovative association of non-competing family offices working together helping families thrive. Wigmore is a group of seven leading family offices from around the globe. It brings together key leaders of each of the firms including Chief Executives, Chief Investment Officers, marketing experts, operations and risk specialists, and an association-wide educational group, with an individual from each family office on every team. These groups share intelligence, global perspectives, and best practices for serving wealthy families. 

The Wigmore Association member firms come from across North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. They include HQ Trust (Germany), Mutual Trust (Australia), Northwood Family Office (Canada), Pitcairn (U.S.), Progeny 3 (U.S.), Promecap (Mexico), and Turim (Brazil). The organization is open to a limited number of new member firms that fit our culture and membership criteria and represent other countries and regions around the globe.

Our family office member firms are passionate about collaboration and sharing ideas and intelligence to benefit our client families. By pooling our unique expertise, clients of a Wigmore member firm benefit from:

  • Industry-leading financial intelligence, including thousands of hours of shared global financial performance analysis across the full range of asset classes and leading fund managers.
  • Access to generations of first-hand experience and latest thinking to address the issues multigenerational families of wealth face.
  • Global reach, typically only available through large financial organizations. Yet, a local firm’s boutique family office service will get to know you personally and understand the issues that are most important to you.
  • The knowledge that our members are the truest form of a multi-family office, committed to the highest standards of integrity, independence, and service excellence.

The association’s purpose is: To work together globally to help our families thrive.

Tom McCullough, chairman and CEO of Northwood Family Office and chair of the Wigmore Association, said of the association and its recent anniversary,

“The collective resources, assets, and intellectual capital within this group are formidable. The opportunity to exchange ideas and share investment research with a group of this calibre enhances our ability to serve our affluent families. This global group allows each of the members to extend their reach further afield. We are all entirely independent, which was vital to the selection of the member firms when creating the association. We do not compete with each other and we recognize that we together we can provide an added benefit to both our existing and prospective clients, as well as our staff. We look forward to the next ten years of collaboration and working together to help our client families continue to thrive.”