The pioneer of the family office industry in Brazil.

At Turim, we believe that a family’s legacy goes beyond money, assets and business. It also encompasses reputation, beliefs, values, virtues, history and “prepared opportunities” – a generation building opportunities from which the next generations should be able to seize and make the best of.

With growing globalization, it has become increasingly difficult for families to manage and preserve their assets, as well as perpetuate their values across generations. Our unique approach to multi-family office provision enables families of wealth to address their significant and complex needs in the short, medium and predominantly, long term.

“We believe that the authentic Family Office should act independently, without offering products. By exempting any conflict of interest, this is the formula that allows us to build deep relationships of trust across generations.”

Gustavo Marini

Founding Partner and Co-CEO, Turim

Our history

Founded in 2001, Turim was the pioneer of the family office industry in Brazil. With investment management through portfolio allocation in global products as its core business, Turim has also developed an array of skills to provide the diverse services that a family may require, such as succession planning, investment education, accounting and philanthropic planning.

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro with offices in São Paulo and London, the Turim team is currently composed of 70 members, serving a clientele that has now grown to over 60 families, some with three generations as clients.

Our people

At Turim, we never forget that great institutions are shaped by talented individuals who share complementary ambitions and backgrounds. Our team comprises industry-leading, experienced professionals with exemplary education and training, that have been drawn from myriad specialist areas including Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Insurance and Pension Funds.

Members of our investment team are CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst charterholders – the financial market’s most prestigious certification and one that is recognized globally.

Our services

One-stop shop: we satisfy all needs and demands related to your family’s assets

Steered by trust, confidentiality and ethics, our processes are continuously reevaluated and enriched, aiming to provide the highest quality services. Completely independent and unbiased, the companies and professionals we work with globally are the ones that offer our clients the best investment and cost structures.

Our vision

To be a global reference in the family office industry, proactively exploring opportunities that add values to the services we provide to a select number of families throughout generations.

Asset allocation

We begin with the identification of the client’s profile and objectives and is aimed at optimizing the portfolio’s risk-return spectrum.

The allocation of financial resources starts with identifying the customer's profile and objectives and focuses on optimizing portfolio returns for a given level of risk. Diversification, both geographically and by investment class, has guided Turim's management philosophy since its inception.

Turim does not sell products - what we do is always identify the best investments available in the local and international markets. We invest in exceptional people and teams who have a history of alpha generation: we should not look for the “manager of the year” but the manager who consistently ranks among the best in his industry. We invest with a long term vision and with the objective of preserving the patrimony of families.

Succession, retirement plans and trusts

We prepare for our clients’ succession by understanding their needs and drafting the appropriate plan.

We anticipate succession events by working closely with families to understand their particularities and devise the right strategy. We seek customized solutions and the best tools available to execute them, always aware of the tax and regulatory complexities in a global environment. The experience with each family makes an important contribution to our knowledge.

Offshore investments and other assets

Turim designs and incorporates offshore structures for investments, real estate purchases and other assets.

We service them with the service providers involved, such as accountants, lawyers and Register & Transfer Agents.

Accounting and tax coordination

We coordinate with tax planning specialists the assessment and creation of structures that optimize legal and tax issues, both in Brazil and abroad.

We maintain the offshore structures constantly, adapting them to the regulations of their jurisdiction. We advise accountants and other service providers regarding legal and tax obligations.

Financial education

Helping current and future generations best manage wealth and its associated issues.

We provide financial education modules for our clients, translating concepts into practical examples that facilitate understanding of the financial market and wealth management. We aim primarily at empowering younger generations to be prepared to manage the resources they will receive.

Information consolidation

Through a meticulous collection and analysis process, we transform scattered data into intelligent information.

We transform dispersed data into intelligent information through a rigorous process of collecting and processing it. All client investment statements are consolidated into one report (Turim Statement) so that the portfolio can be viewed globally, simply and clearly. The Turim Statements provide information such as the individual and overall performance of investments, the return on strategy, contributions and redemptions and the liquidity of the portfolio. Since its founding in 2001, Turim has invested in-house in developing proprietary software, tailored to meet the needs of a Multi-Family Office.

Philanthropic planning

We coordinate the evaluation of nonprofit projects, whether they are developed by the client, or third party projects that garner interest.

In addition, we seek to identify and maintain contact with serious and well-structured organizations, with a range of options to present to families interested in philanthropy.

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