Thought PiecesJanuary 15 2021

For Our Families and Firms: The four tangible benefits of the Wigmore Association

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Written by The Wigmore Association Firms

Founded in 2011, Wigmore is an innovative association of seven non-competing family offices passionate about collaboration and the sharing of ideas and intelligence to benefit their client families. In 2021 Wigmore will continue working together to help our families thrive, but we thought it might be helpful to share a breakdown of Wigmore’s four tangible benefits to each member firm. We understand that a lot of what we do is done behind closed doors and so, for those who still do not quite know what we work together to achieve, we share the four tangible benefits of Wigmore to both clients and member firms. 

By pooling our unique expertise, clients of a Wigmore member firm benefit from:

Data & Analysis

Looking at the advantages of Wigmore on the more technical side of things, particularly when it comes to data and analysis, it offers firms the ability to share their views on the likes of Capital Economics and other data, however, it also offers the opportunity for the sharing of exemplary analysis. Examples of analysis shared between Wigmore firms include the likes of ESG studies and other various exclusive external studies. These studies take large amounts of time to undertake so there is a huge benefit for the firms in sharing such data and analysis.

Market Intelligence

Industry-leading financial intelligence is shared among Wigmore firms, including thousands of hours of shared global financial performance analysis across the full range of asset classes and leading fund managers. In addition to investment market updates, for example the exchange of expertise on the likes of portfolio positioning and the reconciliation of long-term return expectations of individual asset classes (to name but a couple), Wigmore also hold CEO management updates on a weekly basis, as well as sharing content on a wide variety of topics (security/markets/passion assets/education). 

Separate from the financial aspects, there is also access to generations of first-hand experience and the latest thinking to address the issues multigenerational families of wealth face. You can be sure that whatever your situation, we will understand and will have most likely helped a family in similar circumstances. 

International Management

The Wigmore Association members are split across four continents and 16 cities, offering a global reach. In order to manage such an international group, there are deep dive events on a semi-annual basis. These events most often take the form of focusing on one of the following topics: 

  • new customer needs & services in the industry
  • exchange on the management style of family offices in all areas
  • discussions on capital market topics and trends
  • personnel topics
  • analyses by management consultants 

Active Support

In being a part of the Wigmore Association, each firm holds the knowledge that all members are the truest form of a multi-family office, committed to the highest standards of integrity, independence and service excellence. In addition, active support is provided by each Wigmore firm to one another’s clients where appropriate and with approval provided by the client, perhaps even on-site support should a client find themselves in need of assistance in a Wigmore represented country. Another form of active support provided by Wigmore firms to each other is simply having worldwide contacts with their own suppliers and managers locally, think of it as a global sounding board and shared rolodex.