Thought PiecesFebruary 9 2021

Ben Tams, Head of Private Clients at EOS Risk: Protecting Your Family

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Written by Ben Tams, Head of Private Clients at EOS Risk

Ben Tams, Head of Private Clients at EOS risk reports that over the last decade the UK has seen a huge influx of ultra-high net worth families investing and moving to the UK. This trend continues, with wealthy families attracted by the excellent education services and business opportunities the UK has to offer. However, criminal gangs have targeted an increasing number of high profile and wealthy families on the streets and at home for their luxury possessions including cars, watches, jewellery and personal data on mobile phones and other devices.

According to Metropolitan Police crime statistics for 2019, there were 4,642 reported burglaries and 4,256 reported robberies of personal property in the area of Westminster alone! Coupled with the increasing threat posed by terrorism, lone wolf attacks and knife crime, the question facing UHNW individuals and families is, do I need private security for my family and myself?

Ben, who served for ten years in the British military including operational deployments in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan, and as an emergency response police officer in Greater Manchester dealing with violent crime, is well qualified to understand the risks and security requirements that UHNW families require.

When it comes to private security Ben states “there is never a “one size fits all”. If you are looking at your private security, prior to any security options being suggested, a confidentiality agreement should be in place and a full risk profile and threat assessment conducted. If a company does not look at your family structure, age range, daily routine or geographical reach then I would strongly suggest walking away.

If we take an average family, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, each member of the family will require a completely different level of approach and service. For different reasons, one of the biggest risks to both children and adults now is the online world with an ever-growing plethora of Social Media applications such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, which all allow the user to post locations, pictures and plans such as events and holidays.

With this in mind, parents may feel their children require a more in-depth security service. This might include services ranging from Social Media advice to a full cyber review and monitoring service, from a security driver to a Close Protection Officer trained in paediatric first aid and experienced in working with children. Some families choose to employ trained protection officers to escort the children to and from school safely, and as children get older to look after them at events, venues and nightclubs. You may also wish to have a female protection officer to protect the children, something which is particularly on the rise in certain cultures, as families particularly from the Middle East request female protection officers to protect the females and children within the family as this fits with their religious requirements.”

Protection Services are not just for celebrities. It is there to provide security and peace of mind for families and individuals when there is a real risk from a threat.

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