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About Us

The Wigmore Association is an innovative collaboration of eight leading family offices from seven countries and four continents around the world. The members include HQ Trust (Germany), Mutual Trust (Australia), Northwood Family Office (Canada), Pitcairn (US), Progeny 3 (US), SandAire (UK), Turim Family Office and Investment Management (Brazil) and Promecap (Mexico).

Wigmore was founded in 2011 with the goal of enhancing the understanding of issues that are important to the families we serve. The group is composed of the Chief Investment Officers from each family office and meets twice a year to exchange views on the outlook for the global economy and markets, share insights on investment strategies and managers, and discuss best practices for serving wealthy families. Meetings have been held in London, New York, Melbourne, Toronto, Frankfurt, Rio de Janeiro, Montana, Beijing, and Singapore.

Wigmore Association meetings are a unique opportunity for us as Chief Investment Officers, to sit down with a group of other intelligent, thoughtful, world-class investment officers, with whom we don’t compete – and simply share ideas. As members, we are able to learn from one another’s approaches, enabling us to enrich our respective investment processes and enhance the overall experience and investment results for our clients.

The Wigmore Association member firms have extensive resources in asset class and investment manager selection, employing a total of 60 investment and manager research staff among them. The group evaluates more than 30 asset classes in virtually every corner of the world. The group’s investment teams actively follow over 1,000 managers, and have conducted over 1,300 manager interviews in the past year. The firms actively allocate investments to nearly 300 managers located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and the US.

The association also provides trusted global contacts and unparalleled access for clients to valuable resources and expertise in multiple jurisdictions around the globe. In a world where families increasingly live and work cross-border and invest globally, this enhanced reach and international partnership is a significant benefit to our clients.

Examples of the collaborative activities of the Wigmore Association include an integrated manager research database, introductions to investment managers and providers, coordinated due diligence and co-investing opportunities, and shared best practices in client services, including consolidated reporting, and family education tools.

The Wigmore Association is a unique association of independent family offices. It allows each of our member firms to provide the objective, boutique service in our local markets along with an unrivaled global reach and perspective, to the benefit of the families we serve.